Our first time at The Grand Estate at Hidden Acres. Freeport, Pennsylvania

We had our first wedding at The Grand Estate, at hidden acres, this fall and it quickly became one of our more favorite venues from this past year.

“Superb views, extraordinary views, and impeccable service” are just a few things they boast about on their website, and rightly so. Open year-round, the first thing you notice about the venue is the eye-catching exterior and grounds. The Grand Estate contains meticulous outdoor gardens and quaint walking trails through wooded areas for a calming and scenic vibe. Then, there are gazebos, stone patios, swings, waterfalls, fountains, and more to create as many settings for any event you could imagine.

From the moment I pulled up to the house, I was in love with the greenery and the house itself sitting on top of the hill. And when I walked in, I was awed by the lobby, the chandeliers, the over-sized furniture, the decor! It’s an absolute playground for any videographer.

An Adventure Through the Estate

Luxurious, romantic, and classic describe the home only too well. There’s also a Tuscan and Italian feel to it thanks to the style of the estate. The intricate woodwork, vaulted ceilings, and a winding staircase to a unique Bed and Breakfast help as well to create that classical feel.

Before the wedding, I was given a tour by Jerrica to see all the spots available for the bride and groom’s portrait session later. Jerrica is the daughter of the man who bought this place and turned it into the perfect wedding venue with his family’s help. And after exploring and seeing everything first-hand, I’d have to say they did an excellent job. It’s not just the beautiful scenery that makes it the perfect place for a wedding though, their staff does a superb job of assisting and organizing events for their guest to make sure everything runs smoothly. This is their 5th season in the wedding business and judging on how they run things, I’m sure they’ll have many more to come

After the tour, I headed inside the house to see the bride. She was getting ready in the Margherita Ann ~ Bridal Suite, which was very spacious and stunning. It was the perfect room for the bride and her friends to get ready comfortably. Like the rest of the home, the suite’s decor was adorned with more crystal chandeliers and giant furniture to create an elegant atmosphere.

Then I was off to see the groom and the rest of the guys as they got ready. They were at The Giovanni Ericole ~ Chalet, which is right in front of the pool. The room was spacious as well and it even had its own kitchen.

Soon, we were soon to the ceremony and everything was just as perfect and elegant as before. It was held behind the house in front of a white gazebo and with vibrant trees and colorful flowers as the backdrop. Chairs were set up around a rocky path that the bridal party would walk down. I couldn’t think of a more romantic set up for the couple as they began their new life together.

The following reception wasn’t too far away from the ceremony either; it was set up in a gorgeous, white tent next to the house. There were even more chandeliers (this is the place to be if you absolutely adore pretty light fixtures) and artfully arranged tables covered in pristine cloth. But it doesn’t stop there. They also provide table linens and a changing room as well if needed.

After spending a whole day there, I could definitely say the best about the venue though was the team. Aaron, Jerrica, Tia, and Nelly work so hard to make sure the couple’s dream wedding comes true, and they were so helpful to us during our time there. From keeping us on track of the events to giving us a ride in their golf carts, they made sure we had everything we needed for our video. We can’t wait to go back to The Grand Estate, and I’m even considering just going there to stay with my husband for a relaxing weekend away.

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