Why do vendors LOVE Styled Shoots

If you’re a wedding vendor, or if you’re planning your wedding, you have probably seen a ton of styled shoots. But what are they? And why are they so important? Why should they matter to you?

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For those who don’t know, a styled shoot is when a team of vendors get together and collaborate to create a “wedding day.” The term is used loosely here because no one is actually getting married. Instead, using a couple of models — who may or may not be in a relationship like the ones we used today (so glad to be able to work with you, Megan and Zach!) — we emulate our perfect wedding day. Don’t let the use of actors perturb you though, a styled shoot offers a lot more for both the vendors as well as those looking for some inspiration.

First and foremost, styled weddings are in the vendors’ hands completely. Weddings are a lot of fun, however, we often have to adapt to the couple’s taste. But on a styled shoot, we get the chance to be as creative as we want. It’s an opportunity for us to showcase new concepts and trends that potential newlyweds would never go for… at least, until they physically see it happen in photos and videos.

It’s also a chance for us to meet and network with more vendors. Typically, I show up on a wedding day and everything is already set up; the cake, the flowers, and the stationary are all in place. That means we don’t often get the chance to meet all the creative vendors you booked to help create your special day. However, on a styled shoot, everyone gets to meet and work with one another, which can result in new friendships and referrals. If you’re a new vendor in the area, I especially recommend that you look for a styled shoot.

Another plus is that we receive so much content! At the end of the styled shoot, all of the vendors will receive photos and videos that they can use for their portfolios and social media. This is an excellent way to show their concept, their aesthetic, and attract ideal couples.

We also get to experiment. Again, on a wedding day, we’re hired to do a service and it can be tricky to try out something new on the go. On a styled shoot though, things are less high stakes and redo’s are an actual things. We can mess around and if something doesn’t work, we can try it over and over until it does.

Likewise, there’s more time to play around. Since we’re using models, we don’t need to worry about the usual wedding protocols. Furthermore, we get to choose how much time we spend in each setting, allowing our ideas and concepts to really flourish.

Styled shoots offer a lot to everyone involved. From vendors who get stretch their creative muscles and collaborate to the potential couples who get to see possibilities they had never seen or thought of before. And with that in mind, the Reclick Creative team wants to give a big thank you to Jeannene for inviting us to her styled shoot at the Vinoski Winery. It truly was a magical day. Here’s the team that made it so:

Planning/Design/Co Host: Jeannene Lillie Events 

Photography/Co Host: Araka Walker Photography 

Venue: Vinoski Winery 

Videography: Reclick Creative 

Dress Boutique: One White Lane Bridal Gallery 

Suit Store: Surmesur

Jewelry: Henne Jewelers 

Floral Design: May Chester Designs 

Stationery/Calligraphy: Victoria Fiaretti Creative Design

Makeup Styling: Artistry by Emily

Hair Styling: Hair by Wendy Vario 

Cake Design: Alex Robba Cake 

Rentals: All Occasions Party Rental 

Rentals: Event Source Rental

Specialty Rentals: Old Souls Vintage Rentals

Linens: Lendable Linens 

Bridal Robe: Mary Had a Little Lace 

Bridal Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes

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