5 Ways to include your friends and family in your elopement

There are a lot of ways to include your family when it comes to planning the little details of your elopement day. If you’re considering eloping but you are looking for ways to include your family, this is the blog for you!

This summer we traveled to Isabela Puerto Rico for Sherlee and Kenneth’s elopement in Villa Montaña Beach Resort. I was so inspired by the way the creative ways this couple incorporated their family into their private beach elopement that we needed to share these tips with you.

Take Your Family Shopping for Wedding Attire

This one was very important for Sherlee. She had her mom choose the shoes and her brother chose the earrings. The morning of their wedding, we couldn’t help but to think of them when she was getting dressed. And I got to say, Sherlee’s brother has very nice taste in jewelry!

Puerto rico wedding video
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Hire a videographer

This option should be no surprise! Hiring a videographer should be a priority no matter what kind of wedding you have, but it’s especially if your loved ones won’t be there in person. Sharing your photos and videos with your family when you return will allow them to “experience” the day and feel more like they were actually there. Elopements are very intimate and your videographer will be with you the time, make sure they’re someone you trust and like to hang with.

Ask for help

There are a lot of ways your family can help when it comes to your elopement day. For example, Sherlee’s dress was altered by her grandma. That means that Grandma had a chance to see her as a bride even before Kenneth did and she played a very important role to making her day just perfect. Make sure you let your videographer know about your special details so they can capture it for years to come.

Have Your friends create a playlist for dinner time

This one is my favorite. During their romantic dinner I notice the playlist was a great combination of fun and romantic songs so I had to ask, who was in charge of the music? Turns out that Sherlee’s students created a spotify playlist for the newlyweds to play on their romantic candle lit dinner by the beach. You could also get ready have your friends create a playlist for when you are getting ready, the possibilities are endless.

Elopement dinner
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give them a call, or better yet a videocall

A super simple way to include your family in your elopement is to have a video call with them either before or after your ceremony. Make sure you have your tissues with you, this will probably be one of the most emotional videocalls you’ve ever done.

This is the day you and your partner will look back on it for the rest of your lives. There are no rules here, so have fun! And if you are looking for a videographer to document it all, check out Reclick Creative.

Puerto Rico beach elopement
Photo by Lucky Your Weddings

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