Kristen and Steven get their dream wedding on a Florida Island, After changing their plans twice due to COVID

What a year for Kristen and Steven, their first summer wedding date got moved due to COVID. Then one month before the wedding in January, Pennsylvania set a new set of guidelines for events so they had to plan a whole new wedding in less than a month! Everything came together, and Kristen and Steven traveled to Fort Myers Florida for their Micro wedding. I was so happy when they asked if I would join them, since I have been looking forward to their wedding since they contacted us in the summer of 2019. I didn’t want to miss this day so I geared up on PPE and flew to Florida to film their day.

And what a blessing this was, Kristen and Steven were so lucky to have found Grace River Island to be available for their day. So lucky in fact that the venue was booked for the entire year except for that very day. 

It was a beautiful sunny day and the excitement was in the air when I walked in to meet Kristen and the bridal party. Since it was such an intimate affair, I was able to mingle with the couples family and friends, i’m so grateful they made me feel so welcomed. I also met Kristin Piteo, she flew from Ohio to photograph the wedding and she did an amazing job, just look at these photos.

The ceremony was held by a friend of the couple, who told the couple’s story and had them read their personal vows. We love when couples read their personal vows because it is so much more personal and the video really benefits from this. 

Kristen and Steven were pronounced husband and wife and danced out straight into their couples portrait. The venue gave us so many wonderful backdrops and we took advantage of every palm tree and view of the river. 

The rest of the night was filled with good food, great friends and a gorgeous sunset sparkler exit that made this destination wedding one to remember. 

BRB I’m framing this review!

“She rolled with a multitude of changes due to covid including completely changing our location from Pennsylvania to Florida with not one complaint! She captured everything and more! I can’t tell you how many times I have watched both the videos. If you are on the fence about a wedding videographer, 100% go for it and choose Reclick Creative for the day! You will not be disappointed!”

Kristen & Steven

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