Do I need to hire a videographer for my Surprise Proposal?

You’re about to ask the most important questions of your life. You are looking for a ring and thinking of ideas on how to surprise your partner. However, one aspect of your proposal that you may not have considered is hiring a professional videographer to capture it all go down. Here’s why you should!

In short—it’s definitely a must.

The moment you’ve been planning for only lasts a few minutes, maybe less! When you hire a videographer to film your proposal you are making sure there is someone there to document every second. It’s the only way you and your significant other can relive it again and again.

Having a video of your surprise proposal can also help reduce the amount of times you’ll have to tell your proposal story. It will even make feel everyone like they were there.

I’m sure you’ll have a bunch of friends recording the proposal on their phones which is another way of documenting this moment, but when you hear crisp audio that professional videographers capture, it makes gives you a different feeling. Watching and hearing the reaction your partner has once you pop the question, makes you feel like you’re reliving that moment again.

Like with any vendor, find a proposal videographer that best fits your needs and personality because that will make the adventure so much better.


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